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Jav-It is the easiest and most comprehensive JAV cataloging tool ever created. It allows you to instantly catalog, organize, and download content for your collection, while eliminating the posibility of loosing access to your valuable data.


  • Automatically catalogs and scans your JAV library by extracting video IDs from filenames!
  • Organizes and catalogs videos into individual folders with customizable label names!
  • Supports single scraping source!
  • Ability to normalize text and uncensor keywords via customizable dictionary!
  • Automatically downloads cover art, actress portraits, trailer videos, and high resolution sample images / fanart for your JAV movies!
  • Automatic updating and renaming of video titles directly from folder names or batch rename file!
  • Automatically generates all JAV metadata for display in KODI/Jellyfin!
  • Saves all content locally so you (and only you) have full control over your own data!
  • Supports CLI (Command Line Interface) for fully unattended automation!
  • Supports easy GUI (Graphical User Interface) mode for beginners!
  • Available for both Windows and Linux! 



Q: What operating systems are supported by Jav-It?

A: Officially Jav-It is tested on Windows 10 (Windows), and Debian 11 (Linux). The project may work on other operating system, but these are the versions which are tested.

Q: What languages does Jav-It support?

A: The Itch.io version of Jav-It supports English language only for metadata. For native Japanese or other language metadata, please consider using the Patreon version instead.

Q: When running Jav-It for the first time, it downloads simulation engine drivers automatically. What is this?

A: Jav-It uses a simulated environment to disguise itself when accessing the internet. This allows it to bypass many anti-scraping technologies, since websites cannot distinguish Jav-It from a real user. 

Q: Sometimes when running Jav-It it displays a driver simulation error. How can I fix this?

A: These errors are usually caused by Windows Defender or another anti-virus package deleting/corrupting install files. Since Jav-It downloads and configures everything for the user automatically, some security packages incorrectly mark these files as being malicious. To prevent this from happening, disable your security software or add Jav-It to your whitelist. In many cases, Jav-It will detect a problem with your simulation drivers and reinstall them.

Q: How does Jav-It know how to catalog videos?

A: Cataloging is done by reading the filename of your video in search of a video ID (For example: `RBD00333.mp4` or "RBD-333.mp4`). While Jav-It is able to detect and extract a wide variety of video IDs from filenames, renaming your videos to match the exact video ID you want is recommended for best results.

Q: Jav-It takes a long time to catalog my videos. Is this normal?

A: Yes, this is perfectly normal. The project is designed to be as comprehensive and complete as possible while simulating how a real user would behave. This means that operations take longer, but you get higher quality results which are more resistant to anti-scraping technologies.

Q: My video file was not cataloged correctly and/or is missing content. Is there a way to fix this?

A: This usually means that a video entry for your title was not found. If you are using the basic (itch.io) version of the software, searching is limited to a single source. To enable multiple sources, cross-referencing, as well as other features, consider supporting the project on Patreon! 


Jav-It is a project created by a developer who believes that users should have full control over their own data. It is our belief that users should be able to own, backup, and catalog their own data that they have legally paid for.

If you feel the same way and like the direction of the project, consider supporting us on Patreon (See "README.txt" for more details)! Patreon supporters get access to the latest news and developments, enhanced versions of the project, exclusive access to our private Discord JAV community, and a say in the direction of the project and what new features I should work on next.


  • Supports multiple scraping sources with full cross-referencing and field translations in over 23 languages!
  • Fully customizable templating for folder names and video titles!
  • Latest English subtitle definition files (database now detects and downloads over 20,000+ subtitles)!
  • Ability to translate subtitles (Japanese, Chinese, etc) to multiple target languages.
  • Downloads and decrypts video streams from DMM.co.jp (videoa, videoc, nekketsu, anime, VR, and 4K content)!
  • Downloads and decrypts video streams from xCity.jp (regular and VR)!
  • Ability to search and open multiple sources simultaneously for JAV content in your browser!
  • Ability to identify actresses using reverse image artificial intelligence!
  • Integration with ‘ffmpeg’ for stable segment downloading and future video processing functionality!
  • And more!

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