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Jav-It is the easiest and most comprehensive JAV video cataloging tool ever created. It allows you to take any collection of Japanese adult videos and instantly catalog, organize, and download content for them! 

Note: With the pending closure of R18.com, cataloguing for R18 does not work since they have withdrawn their store front. To keep the Itch.io version functional, JavTrailers has been substituted as the default scraper option.


  • Detects and extracts video IDs from filenames!
  • Organizes and catalogs videos into individual folders with appropriate label names!
  • Fallback support for secondary scraping sources with full English translations!*
  • Automatically cross-references and translates Japanese plot information into English!*
  • Automatically applies uncensored keywords to your video titles!
  • Downloads cover art, actress portraits, trailer videos, and high resolution sample images / fanart for your JAV movies!
  • Downloads English subtitles (when detected) for your videos!
  • Support for machine translating subtitles in over 23 languages!*
  • Support for searching multiple JAV resources simultaneously for video information / entries!*
  • Automatic updating and renaming of video titles directly from folder names or batch rename file!
  • Downloads and decrypts video streams from R18!
  • Downloads and decrypts VR (HD) streams from R18!*
  • Downloads and decrypts video streams from DMM (videoa, nekketsu, idol, anime, and 4K content)!*
  • Built-in batch download manager for R18 content!*
  • Automatically downloads and formats all JAV metadata for videos in KODI/XBMC format!
  • All resources mirrored locally at scan time (No fear of dead links)!
  • Avaliable for Windows and Linux!
* Applies to Patreon version only!


Find a directory full of your favorite JAV videos (mp4/avi/mkv):

Simply run an easy command to instantly identify, catalog, and download all content related to your JAV collection!

./javit catalog -d ./MyDownloadedVideosFolder

Now all videos have been automatically organized!

Viewing a video folder reveals that ALL information for your video has been downloaded and organized! This includes: video trailers, cover art, actress portraits, NFO files, and extra fan art! In addition, cover artwork is automatically cropped and duplicated so that front covers are shown for folders, while full jacket covers are shown as fan art!

Viewing the NFO file shows that all metadata for your JAV movie has also been automatically recorded!

Simply add your cataloged videos to KODI/XMBC to instantly create beautiful collections of JAV movies! Search for titles by name, actress, series, or even studio! Preview your movies by watching trailers or even viewing high resolution sample photos!

With the addition of the new English subtitle module, subtitles will automatically be searched for and added to your videos if avaliable! Download the latest subtitle definitions from Patreon to keep your library up to date with the newest subtitle releases! (Over 15,000+ English Subtitles currently detected)

Using the download feature, now you can place shift your paid movie collection automatically by downloading, decrypting, and backing up your R18/DMM collection directly to your computer! No need to worry about DRM, unsupported OS/Software (ie. Linux), or fear of loosing your collection!

(Note: Since the Itch.io version of Jav-It uses a significantly older client, download speeds may be impacted. In addition, DMM decryption and VR downloading is only supported on the Patreon edition of Jav-It. Please see 'README.txt' for more information on how to support me on Patreon!)

Using the batch download manager, now you can download, decrypt, and place shift multiple titles automatically and completely unattended!

(Note: The batch download manager is only supported on the Patreon edition of Jav-It. Please see 'README.txt' for more information on how to support me on Patreon!)

With machine language subtitle translations, now you can finally translate your favorate JAV subtitles into your native language! Supported languages incude: Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish. 

(Note: Machine language subtitle translation is only supported on the Patreon edition of Jav-It. Please see 'README.txt' for more information on how to support me on Patreon!)

With Multi-Search, now you can look for JAV resources on multiple websites simultaneously, while only showing you results which match your video ID. This makes previewing new titles, downloading fan art, or finding magnet links easier than ever before!

(Note: Multi-Search is only supported on the Patreon edition of Jav-It. Please see 'README.txt' for more information on how to support me on Patreon!)

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Jav-It sometimes can't identify the ID of a particular video. How can I fix this?

A: Jav-It looks for video IDs in your file name. If it follows an obvious pattern such as SHKD-225, or SHKD225, or SHKD00225, it will automatically detect and read them in. If your filename is very complex and contains patterns which look similar to video IDs, Jav-It might use them instead of the correct ones. You can try to help Jav-It detect the video ID by removing any unnecessary text. In addition, some videos might not exist in the database yet, in which case you must wait until they are added.

Q: Sometimes video titles are censored with text that appears like: "C*****d" (Confined). Why are they not being un-censored?

A: For some reason, websites censor text which are deemed too taboo. This is to protect themselves from too much attention. Jav-It can automatically un-censor text, but it must use a dictionary to do so. A sample dictionary is provided with Jav-It in CSV format. If you encounter a word that Jav-It does not yet know, simply add it to the dictionary and all future words of that type will be un-censored. The dictionary follows the format: <censored_word>, <uncensored_word>

Q: Sometimes video titles are translated poorly or formatted in a strange way. Is there a way to update these videos with my own formatted title?

A: Yes! Simply rename your formatted video folders to contain the title you wish to use, and then add the rename option to tell Jav-It to update all videos with your new title(s). Jav-It will read your formatted video folder names, and use the title it finds as the movie title. The movie NFO file will also be updated to reflect your changes. Note: Jav-It can do this because it expects formatted video folders to follow a specific pattern: <movie_title> (<video_id>, <studio_id>, <actresses>). When manually editing your movie titles, DO NOT use "(" and ")" characters as this tells Jav-It the following text will be video information.

Q: Sometimes my cataloged videos are missing extra fanart or trailers. Did I do something wrong?

A: No. Sometimes studios did not produce extra fanart or trailer for their releases. This is usually for very old releases that came on VHS or smaller studios that don't bother with such extras. Thankfully this is more of an exception than the rule!

Q: How do I enable English subtitles in my catalog searches?

A: In order to include English subtitles in your catalog searches, the subtitle definitions module (‘subtitle.mod’) must be present in the Jav-It installation folder.

Q: Why does Jav-It require a subtitle definitions file?

A: English subtitles are largely created by random people scattered across the internet on various forums, blogs, and web-postings. In many cases, they are additionally stuck behind paywalls, logins, links, and ads as well. Like a virus scanner, you will need the latest subtitle definitions in order for Jav-It to be aware of which subtitles are available and provide a way to obtain them.

Q: Jav-It cannot seem to find English subtitles for a particular video. How can I fix this?

A: English subtitles can only be obtained if one for that video already exists and Jav-It is aaware of its existence. By keeping your subtitle definitions file up to date, it will ensure that you are always getting the latest English subtitles available. If you have found a subtitle file that Jav-It is not yet aware of, consider posting a link to it on the forums so that it can be included in the next subtitle definitions update! Frequent contributors may receive special perks such as: custom easter eggs, special mention, or other fun bonuses!

Q: Where can I get the latest English subtitle definitions file?

A: The first version of the subtitle definitions file can be download on Itch.io. Since keeping subtitle definitions up to date is a time consuming and ongoing process, all future updates will be posted to my Patreon page as they are released! (See "README.txt" for more details).

Q: My subtitles appear to be timed incorrectly. How can I fix this?

A: Subtitles are timed according to the source video they were created for. In many cases, this will match exactly with how videos are released on major websites such as DMM and R18. If your downloaded video or the original source video has been edited, cut, or modified, you will need to use a subtitle editor to `shift` the timing back to it’s original position. While this is not covered here, it is a relatively straight forward task to do. Alternatively, if you can tell that your video has been previously modified, consider trying to obtain an original unaltered copy of it.

Q: The subtitles obtained appear to be poorly translated. How can I fix this?

A: Unfortunately, subtitle translation quality completely relies on the person doing the actual translation. Since subtitles are the work of many users of which English or Japanese is not their primary language, errors may appear in the resulting subtitles. In addition, some subtitles posted are machine translated and will produce significantly worse results than a human. In most cases, translations will still greatly provide enough context as to what is going on to still be useful to the viewer.

Q: How do I download encrypted streams from R18?

A: In order to download encrypted streams from R18 you will need the following information: 

  •  An R18 account which has access to the streams you wish to download.
  • A valid R18 cookie file (in Netscape format) taken AFTER you have successfully logged in.
  • The stream ID (in most cases the catalog ID) of the video you wish to download.

Please see the "download" command for more information on how to pass these values into Jav-It. Once started, Jav-It will automatically detect all video parts, find the highest quality streams possible, download them sequentially, and decrypt the incoming video stream directly to your disk.

Note: All videos are saved in raw decrypted *.ts (MPEG transport stream) format. That means you will receive a perfect copy of the video, exactly as R18 serves it to you. If you wish to convert or join video parts together into a more compatible container format, I suggest using the wonderful tools ffmpeg or Avidemux.

Q: How do I obtain a valid Netscape cookie file from my browser?

A: While there are many ways to obtain a Netscape cookie file, the recommended way is to use the "Get cookies.txt" plugin for Chrome. Simply add this plugin to your browser, click on the cookie icon, and select "Export" to save a copy of your current tabs cookies to a file. Remember, for this to work your browser must not be in "Incognito" mode as this mode is specifically designed to hide cookie information!

Q: How do I get a video stream ID?

A: Usually a video's stream ID will match the content ID. However this may not always be true. In order to verify a video's stream ID, simply login to R18 and choose "Watch Full Movie" and select "Watch Now" under streaming. You will be re-directed to a URL which looks similar to "https://<website>/player?cid=pgd00480", where "pgd00480" is the stream ID. Simply provide this value to Jav-It and it will download your video accordingly.

Q: What is a bulk rename file?

A: A bulk rename file allows you to rename a bunch of movies in your catalog folder at the same time, while also updating each NFO file accordingly!

Q: How do I generate a bulk rename file?

A: Simply run a catalog operation to a folder that has been previously cataloged by Jav-It and include the "--generate-rename-file" option. A "bulk_rename.txt" file will be created for you with all videos sorted by series to help with uniform renaming.

Q: How do I use the generated bulk rename file to rename my videos?

A: Simply open your bulk rename file and modify your video titles accordingly. Remember, anything between the "(" and ")" characters for videos should not be modified, since they are special identifiers. Once your done renaming your titles, save the file and run a catalog operation with the additional options "--rename -r c:\temp\jav\bulk_rename.txt", where "c:\temp\jav\bulk_rename.txt" is the path to your bulk rename file. Once the operation is complete, all your video folders and NFO files should now be renamed!

Patreon, Future Updates and Features

Jav-It is a project created by a single developer. A considerable amount of time has been spent developing and testing this tool. The cost of Jav-It is a token amount designed to see how many people are seriously interested in this project, find it genuinely useful, and if the time spent developing it was worthwhile. Any donations collected simply go towards paying for software licenses, test subscription accounts, and a nice cup of coffee! (^_^);  

If you like what you see and want me to continue to add more features and develop Jav-It, consider supporting me on Patreon! (See "README.txt" for more details).

Change Log


  • Updated scraper to point to JavTrailers instead of R18, since it
    has been decommissioned.


  • Fixed multiple edge cases where cookie file parsing may fail to complete.
  • Resolved issue where recent R18 backend changes sometimes break downloading using Itch.io engine.
  • Backported some internal quality of life improvements as well some smaller
    bug fixes.


  • Fixed Jav-It downloading for new R18 backend changes. Downloading under
    the older Itch.io engine may result in a performance impact. Use Patreon version for the latest engine changes.
  • Backported some internal quality of life improvements as well some smaller
    bug fixes.


  • Backported scraping improvements from the Patreon code branch back to Itch.io mainline version.
  • Made minor changes around meta-data formatting as well as other rare edge-case fixes.


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